Find 3 Miles of Lifestyle in Dewees Island Homes

Enjoy-Marine-Life-when-You-Live-in-Dewees-IslandIn South Carolina there lies a small oasis of natural beauty filled with environmental enthusiasts called Dewees Island. While the town itself is only three miles long, that is three miles of neighborly people and incredible nature. Island life suits these people well, giving them the opportunity to enjoy an environmentally conscious modern life on an all but deserted island. Walking on the inherently private beach brings a sense of tranquility that takes you back to another time, another life you have never experienced.

Do you like the soft tranquility of pure nature and observing wildlife from right outside your door? Dewees Island is a hot spot for nature enthusiasts all over the world, coming from far and wide to capture sea turtles, white tail deer, and other indigenous species (including multitudes of interesting birds, great for a bird watcher). Endangered animals here are protected and it is rewarding to see and live among that. Photography enthusiasts, bird watchers, sun bathers, and all are welcome and encouraged to enjoy every bit of the island, all the while observing and respecting the natural vegetation and flora that grow and encapsulate the whole three mile stretch of beach and jungle.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds, Living in Dewees Island

However, nearby metro areas provide that modern day need for convenience and community. From any viewpoint, you will find breathtaking views and photo opportunities to encapture your time in such a unique place with such an interesting atmosphere. A reliable ferry takes you to and from Dewees Island to the Isle of Palms many times every day, ensuring that there is easy access to more populated and bustling areas in South Carolina, a lovely place to experience no matter what city you come upon. Enjoy the hospitality and unique modern jungle lifestyle there is to experience on Dewees Island and in surrounding islands and areas!

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