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Find Tranquility Near Awendaw HomesAwendaw in South Carolina is one of many fishing towns you can find on the coast of Charleston County. You'll find humid and warm weather year round, as the town is know to have a very tropical climate. With a rich history in the Salem Witch Trials and a strong background in the Sewee tribe of native American history, Awendaw is lovable for any history buff!

Awendaw is a great place to experience true southern coastal seafood, namely crab. You can find the best crab you will ever taste at the annual Blue Crab Festival, where townspeople gather and enjoy all kinds of crab delicacies and other Awendaw-esque traditions. The Festival includes a lot of crabbing, but you will also find tons of water sports, hiking, outdoor recreation, and indoor activities as well!

Enjoy Crab and Community When you Live in Awendaw

Being a small, tight knit community, Awendaw makes for a very neighborly place, filled with that southern hospitality that comes from years of tradition and generational bonds between residents. As the seaside town is still growing, families can find a great place for a fresh start or a new experience, with a welcoming community to bring them into the area comfortably. With schools on the small side, but more coming soon, Awendaw is the perfect place to make friends and get a wonderful small town school experience, while being present in the beginning of something great.

You can't miss the history in Awendaw either! There is plenty to learn about Awendaw and its past and present residents. From surviving a hurricane in the 1980s and the 2000s, to being home to an oyster shell mound constructed by the Sewee tribe years and years ago, Awendaw locals have stories to share! The town is even on the National Register of Historic Places and has been for about thirty years! Awendaw is a great place to visit for an American history lover, or anyone gathering personal history on ancestral American people.

Experience a small town like you never have before in the quirky crabbing town of Awendaw, South Carolina.

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