Find a Friendly, Tight-Knit Community near your Daniel Island Home

Kayak All Over Near Daniel Island HomesDaniel Island in South Carolina could only be described as an agricultural hubbub turned modern southern oasis.

Master planned communities ensure comfortable living spaces that juxtapose nicely with the natural beauty of the area, a 4,000 acre island! Being a relatively new community on the scene of coastal North Carolina, you will find a surprisingly tight knit community of mixed personalities; where you can bump into anyone at the grocery store- from one the town's founders to your families high school teacher. Either way, you'll get a warm welcome and hello.

Some of the unique things that make Daniel Island a great area to live, work, and play are the picturesque views from any corner in the city. You'll find vibrant and well kept streets, florals, and store fronts. The people in the town of Daniel Island have a sort of community pride that you will be hard-pressed to find somewhere else. In fact, the town is even known as "Charleston's Island Town."

Enjoy Nature and Activities in Daniel Island

Enjoy aquatic sports and recreation, hiking and strolling through some of the most breathtaking parks and waterways, and more outdoor fun in this safe and clean community. You'll find your neighbors out and about almost daily when the weather permits. Daniel Island contains a unique climate- moderate to hot in the summer, and absolutely blissful in spring and fall.

There is always some charming and unique establishment to grab a bite, browse through the aisles, or more just mere minutes from wherever you are on Daniel Island. Walkers and talkers are encouraged, as there are plenty of outdoor recreation groups to join and be apart of- from dog walkers to students, walking to the bell every morning. Even rent or join classes and groups to take part in some of the many traditional Daniel Island activities like kayaking and crabbing, and there's more where that came from.

Enjoy your time in Daniel Island, because you'll definitely be itching to go back!

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