5 Ways Spring Home Improvements Can Also Improve Your Health


With spring just around the corner, you may be planning on making some changes to freshen up your home. If you are focusing on cosmetic fixes, you should consider adding a few updates that will improve the health and safety of your home as well. Your home should be a haven from injury and illness, and these simple improvement projects can help the most.


Stress-Free DIY Remodeling


As a homeowner, the state of your finances can be a source of stress. So why not save yourself some money (and stress) by taking on some DIY maintenance projects around your home? As the weather warms up, that could mean breaking out your ladder and clearing out gutters, checking your windows for leaks, and clearing off any debris from your roof. Don’t have a ladder suitable for reaching these higher spots? Then consider picking up a new telescoping ladder, which is likely to be more adjustable, lighter, and safer for you to use.


Deep Cleaning to Reduce Allergens


One of the best things about living in the South is enjoying all the beautiful plants, trees, and flowers in the spring. One of the most challenging things about living in the South, however, is dealing with all the pollen those spring blooms produce. So if you find yourself sniffling and sneezing as the temperatures rise, consider deep cleaning your home. This is another job you can easily do on your own, but if you are short on time or patience, you can also save yourself some stress and hire professional cleaners. A one-time professional cleaning averages $91 - $185.


Installing New Lighting to Help with Vision


Keeping the lights dim in the evening can help you relax and fall asleep faster. If you are trying to work or do household chores in that dim light, however, you could be straining your eyes. Dim light is one of the most common causes of eye strain, along with exposure to bright screens and too much contrast. Symptoms of eye strain include frequent and unexplained headaches, dry and itchy eyes, and pressure around the temples. So if you plan on reading or working on projects around your home, make sure you have the light you need by installing new light fixtures to even things out. You can DIY this project or hire a professional, which will average $130 to $150 per fixture.


Upgrading the Bathrooms to Prevent Falls


Did you know that falls are one of the leading causes of injury at home? Falls can be especially hazardous for seniors, but falls can also lead to injuries for younger adults and children. If you want to prevent falls in your home, you should start by upgrading your bathroom to include features like a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers can be just as beautiful as they are practical, and making the switch can be especially smart for senior homeowners who are planning on aging in place in their current home. A shower update can cost between $800 and $2,500.


Repairing Faulty Outlets to Make Your Home Safer


If you decide to hire an electrician to install new lights around your home, you should also think about having that pro check out any potentially problematic outlets. With so many older and historic homes in Charleston, old or faulty wiring can be an issue for many homeowners, and signs of electrical problems can include flickering lights, loose outlets, and burning smells. Ignoring these signs could result in shocks for you and your family or even a house fire. Unresolved electrical problems are one of the most common causes of fires in homes. This isn’t a cheap fix, with the average cost to rewire an entire house around $8,000 - $9,000, but checking this project off your spring maintenance list could end up saving your home and your life.


This is the perfect season for sprucing up your home. So make sure your maintenance, repair, and improvement list includes a few updates that will protect your health and safety. Then you can have some peace of mind when relaxing at home enjoying the spring season.


Photo Credit: Pexels